Evidenced-Based Therapy
For Children, Teens & Adults

Evidenced-Based Therapy For Children, Teens & Adults

Binge Eating Disorder & Emotional Eating

Binge Eating Disorder & Emotional Eating are symptoms used to self-soothe and cope with a variety of feeling states. These behaviors lead to guilt feelings, self-loathing, depression, and feeling more out of control with food. The binge/diet cycle ultimately leads to more weight gain and lowered self-esteem. This cycle cannot be cured or healed with yet another diet or weight loss surgery

Warning Signs of Binge Eating Disorder & Compulsive Overeating:

  •  Constant Weight Fluctuations
  •  Yo-yo dieting
  •  Feeling a lack of control around food
  •  Low Self-Esteem
  •  Late night binging
  •  Closet or sneak eating; hiding or hoarding food
  •  Self-loathing in regards to overeating
  •  Inner critical voices
  •  Eating to the point of painful fullness
  •  Depressed or anxious moods
  •  Eating large amounts of food in a short amount of time (usually under two hours)

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