Evidenced-Based Therapy
For Children, Teens & Adults

Evidenced-Based Therapy For Children, Teens & Adults

Health at Every Size (HAES)

The Women’s Therapy Service supports and counsels individuals who wish to maximize their mental and physical health at any size. We live in a society that is hyper focused on size and appearances. Our philosophy and methods help chronic dieters reshape their thinking, shed unhealthy habits, become mindful and conscious about their eating behaviors, seek new enjoyment in physical activity, thus increase their sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

Research has show that individuals of every size can improve their overall physical and mental health by increased activity alone.

Learning to recognize and follow the body’s natural, internal cues to hunger and satiation, and finding enjoyable physical activity, can help end yo-yo dieting.

Our job is to help you

Improve your body image, 
Your relationship with food,
And your self-esteem!

…at any size!


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