Evidenced-Based Therapy
For Children, Teens & Adults

Evidenced-Based Therapy For Children, Teens & Adults

Body Image and Dissatisfaction

Body Image is not how others see you, it is how you see yourself… from the inside…. in your mind’s eye. Body image is a complex, not a simple phenomenon, with many conscious and unconscious layers.

Take the ONE MINUTE Body Image Test

When you close your eyes and picture your body, what do you focus on first?…..
Are your first images positive or negative?

Influence your decisions to attend or avoid social situations? …
Trigger restricting, binging or purging, or overeating?….
Stimulate self-loathing or negative internal voices?….
Interfere with your relationships or career?….
Prompt you to exercise or run daily, even when you are sick and over-tired?..
Or prompt you to avoid exercise programs in the first place?…
Cause you to obsess with, or continue with, cosmetic surgery?…..

If you have answered “yes” to at least half of these questions, individual and/or group therapy at The Women’s Therapy Service may be beneficial for you. Our INNER IMAGE Group Program for Eating and Body Image Concerns is for adolescent girls and adult women.

Improve your body image,
Your relationship with food,
And your self-esteem!